Aveleigh Fellowship of Presbyterians
1211 Calhoun Street
Newberry, SC 29108
(803) 276-3534


Our mission is to ...

Celebrate God’s presence

Grow closer to God’s Son

Equip God’s people

Share God’s Good News

TOP STORY: April 13th, 4:00 Aveleigh’s Easter Party will be at Mollohon Park (at the corner of Milligan St. and Player St.). There will be food, games and an egg hunt for children in 5th grade and under. Bad weather?  Meet at our clubhouse at 1529 Main St. The Aveleigh Youth Group will assist with the Easter party and have Youth Sunday practice at the clubhouse at 6:00.

Thursday, April 17th, 6:00 There will be a Seder Meal in Truesdell Hall, please RSVP. At 7:00 there will be a Maundy Thursday Communion Service which will be delivered through a drama,The Cloth of Jesus

Sunday Schedule: 9:15 am Worship in the Main Sanctuary, Sunday School 10:30 am    Classes K-12 and 5 Adult Classes,  11:30 am Contemporary Worship. Everyone Welcome!         For more information phone 276 3534.




Welcome to Aveleigh Fellowship of Presbyterians.
We Believe:
  Jesus Christ is the world’s singular saving Lord. No one comes to the Father but through Him.  The Bible is God’s holy Word.  Christians are called to live a holy life, which includes the Biblical standard of chastity in singleness and fidelity in marriage. Since all fall short of the Glory of God, all are accepted and ministered to in the name of Jesus Christ.